secureguard launches new portfolio for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions

LINZ, Austria—September 11th, 2020 — secureguard, an Austrian company specializing in certified Microsoft Azure Stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions and storage, announces the launch of its new lineup of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

The new secureguard blazics product line was developed to address the growing challenges posed by IT and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. Solutions are available in a variety of base configurations, so they can be individually adapted to a customer’s requirements while remaining flexible enough to handle new requirements as they arise. Azure Stack HCI solutions from secureguard deliver highly fail-safe storage and virtualization environments.

Our blazics products focus on customer requirements, whether they’re for Microsoft infrastructure, hybrid environments, or IoT applications.” said Helmut Otto, Managing Director of secureguard.

secureguard’s new blazics 50 product line, based on AMD EPYC CPUs, together with its blazics 100, based on Intel XEON D CPUs, offers small- and medium-sized companies solutions for on-site operations, as well as hybrid IoT and IT infrastructures. The secureguard portfolio provides full redundancy using just two nodes. Further, these entry-level solutions are tailored precisely to the customer’s specific requirements to provide highly available workload applications in virtual machines and containerized services.

blazics 50, a secureguard solution based on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, is easy to deploy and maintain, and is highly reliable” said Tim Isaacs, Partner GPM, Azure at Microsoft Corp. “This makes it a sound hosting foundation for mission-critical apps.

The newly launched blazics 3100 series is distinguished by hybrid storage matched by an optimal price-to-performance ratio. This complete solution can be flexibly expanded to eight nodes, and it includes the associated storage network infrastructure. As such, it offers medium-sized companies and small hosting providers an uncomplicated platform that can be expanded quickly and easily on demand.

In addition to the blazics 3100 hardware, which is perfectly tailored to our requirements as a medium-sized local hosting provider, secureguard also distinguishes itself with perfect support, from project planning to implementation,” said Rüdiger Linhart, Managing Director of customer alldata IT-Systeme.

The new secureguard product lineup even contains a mobile HCI cluster solution. The unique “cluster in a wooden box” is a battery-powered, two-node solution with integrated switches and an access point in a wooden case. The size of a piece of hand luggage, the solution is highly portable while delivering the full productivity of Azure Stack HCI solutions.

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secureguard Cluster-in-a-wooden-Box (CiwB), a battery-powered, two-node cluster solution based on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.