About Us

secureguard is an innovative IT company from Linz, Austria. It is located in the harbor district at the heart of the city. As a manufacturer of end-to-end solutions, we focus on research & development, and help to drive innovation in the central region of Upper Austria. Along with state-of-the-art infrastructure for datacenters and compact and efficient systems for SMEs, our current product portfolio also includes highly specialized portable server solutions for different use cases.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Well over 20 years of experience in developing specialist software and integrated hardware solutions make secureguard a reliable and skilled partner in the IT sector. Alongside operating systems, hardware and applications, our development activities also focus on certified virtualization solutions based on Microsoft Windows Server.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, secureguard can look back on 15 years of close cooperation with Microsoft, as well as over 5,000 successful client projects in this sector.

Furthermore, secureguard has one of around 30 Austrian “Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professionals)” in its ranks, in the form of Managing Director Helmut Otto.

This level of specialization means that employees from secureguard are in demand as speakers at various national and international events, and as consultants and advisors on major projects.


secureguard has been working with highly trained specialists for decades. These specialists have acquired their broad theoretical knowledge either at higher technical colleges and/or technical universities and continue to deepen and expand this knowledge in practice.

The secureguard team is made up of around 20 highly qualified staff who work in R&D, project management, the office and human resources.

The office

The secureguard office is located at the very heart of Linz, in Linz harbor – a district that is currently undergoing complete redevelopment. For over ten years now, our 1,200 m2 office has been located on the 4th floor of the “Neue Werft”, a recently renovated building between the first and second harbor basins in Linz.

As well as state of the art, ergonomic workspaces, secureguard also offers chillout zones for relaxed breaks, good conversations or just for taking time out. The staff playroom, complete with Star Wars pinball machine, darts machine, table football and PlayStation, is always a popular place for teams to meet up and play a game.

Exercise & Balance

Having already been awarded the BGF seal for workplace health promotion several times, secureguard is a company that cares about physical and mental health in the workplace.

secureguard was awarded on October 14th, 2020, as the most healthy company in Upper Austria! Read more: secureguard has the highest company health standard in Upper Austria!

Regular group activities such as staff outings, hiking days, participation in running events and various company celebrations have long since become part of everyday working life, as have comprehensive social security benefits that offer extra help to all members of secureguard staff. In addition, regular appraisal interviews, intercultural coaching’s for business trips abroad and mentoring are part of the health definition within secureguard.

Fit in the workplace Coached and accompanied by an approved physiotherapist the daily exercise program FIB (“Fit im Büro” or “fit in the workplace”) was especially designed and introduced at secureguard in 2014.

FIB is a voluntary exercise or calm down program of 15 minutes a day of payed time (independent of break times) and is adopted for every single staff. It was introduced for health prophylaxis as compensation to the mainly seating work in IT and was integrated in the everyday office work. Since 6 years the staff is still enthusiastic for FIB.

Family, Leisure & Work

secureguard has been awarded another seal of quality: for family-friendliness and “mobile work”

The ability to optimally combine family, free time and work makes a major contribution to job satisfaction and, therefore, to motivation. Our employees have always been able to trust that their personal and family situation will receive the utmost support and extensive understanding. This is an integral part of who we are. To ensure that we can continue to guarantee this in the future, secureguard has completed a comprehensive certification and organisational process to continue developing a wide range of measures focusing on family friendliness and work-life balance.

We recently concluded this process and secureguard may now use the “family-friendly company” quality seal with the “family-friendly, mobile work” supplement awarded by the Federal Chancellery.

secureguard offers employees an extensive range of opportunities and options and strives to ensure that they have the freedom to act as independently and with as much self-determination as possible. These measures are available to all employees and include: flexitime & part-time, remote work, extensive maternity and paternity leave management, extended care leave, mentoring for employees returning to work, life-phase-oriented further education, etc.

The ability to balance family, free time and work represents the logical continuation of our BGF certificate for health at work, as a successful work-life balance can make a significant contribution to both mental and physical health.

Working safe and healthy

secureguard is particularly pleased about a new seal of quality: the “safe and healthy working” seal of AUVA

The AUVA quality seal “safe and healthy work” is an award for companies that place particular emphasis on safety and health at work and where demonstrably healthy and safe working conditions have been implemented.

Various focal areas, such as internal and external communication, responsible roles at the company, inspection obligations, qualification & instruction, critical incident handling, etc. were examined in the course of the certification process.

In April, secureguard was issued this seal of quality!

A certification process with a final quality seal award was important to us, as it visually reflects the high priority and value that we place on physical and mental health as well as safety in our workplaces.

This seal of quality also communicates to all of our employees at secureguard that the company is happy to fulfil its duties far beyond the legally required scope and offers workplaces designed to optimally guarantee our employees’ health and safety.