Christmas 2022
at secureguard

Especially at Christmas we want to
share our joy and give hope:
our Christmas campaign with the
Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Foundation

Merry Christmas!

This year, we have once again decided to make a donation to a charitable cause instead of sending presents to our business partners. As with last year, we have decided to support the “Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Foundation“. This charitable organisation has done so much good and so much commendable work for families affected by cancer for more than 30 years.

Christmas is not simply a religious celebration but also a celebration of joy, love and family. But what happens when a family is confronted with a cancer diagnosis? One which is completely unexpected and which affects a child? It is easy to imagine how a situation like this could shake the very foundation of the family. The entire family, from the child to the parents, siblings and grandparents all have to face a range of different situations and emotions.

This is exactly where the Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Foundation is there to help: The foundation supports families during these difficult times. It assists with immediate financial aid and in emergencies by taking on the cost sharing for hospital stays and refunding prescription and parking fees, by providing financial support for therapies abroad, for additional expenses for medical aids (such as wigs, therapy dogs and wheelchairs). They also help by providing seminars for parents who have lost a child, to name just a few of their many activities.

The family convalescence holiday is an especially popular and outstanding offer. Financed entirely by the Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid, this has been held once per year since 1989. The holiday enables the entire family to relax together at a beautiful hotel in the Salzburg region after the long period of separation. Here, they have the opportunity to recover from and the stresses and strains of therapy and the fears they have lived through with hiking trips, football games, children’s Olympics and much more.

The association also provides other valuable services such as art and design therapy, music therapy or rooms for the child’s parents in the immediate vicinity of the KUK Med.Campus IV (Kepler University Hospital Linz). These opportunities are entirely financed by donations.

The External Oncological Nursing Service (EOP) is another outstanding service. Specially trained nurses enable young patients to shorten their hospital stays and can provide outpatient check-ups at home. This saves the children and their relatives long travel times and waiting times while also reducing the risk of infection.

Psychosocial aftercare is an essential part of the families’ aftercare process. This care is vital because the children and families have been through an exceptionally stressful and difficult phase in their lives during which they were constantly confronted with fears of loss. This therapy is provided by a clinical neuropsychologist and is also financed via donations from the Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid.

All of the board members work for the foundation on an honorary and unpaid basis. They are also all affected parents themselves and truly understand what the cancer diagnosis means for the entire family. With this experience, they are predestined to support families in similar situations and can provide optimal assistance.

The Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid provides excellent support for affected children and their families and plays a key role in helping everyone affected during this difficult time. Therefore, we at SecureGUARD GmbH are truly happy to be able to make a modest contribution to their work.

We sincerely wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas season and good health and every success for 2023!

Your secureguard Team

If you would like more information about the Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Aid (German only):

f.l.t.r.: Karin Otto, Helmut Otto (both secureguard), Mag. Ulla Burghard-Görisch (Upper Austrian Children’s Cancer Foundation)