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HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) is an IT infrastructure based on software-centered architecture in which processors, storage, network, virtualization and other technologies are closely linked.

Hyperconverged & hybrid
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blazics for Azure Stack HCI

Hyperconverged & hybrid

With Windows Server 2019, Microsoft enables improved performance and scaling with simultaneous cost reduction, by combining compute, storage and network. Users benefit from the full range of functions in software-defined storage (S2D) and software-defined network (SDN) from just 2 nodes.

Consolidation & moderniszation

The end of support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 sees many businesses faced with the challenge of renewing their existing IT infrastructure quickly, simply and cost-effectively. In comparison to previous storage and virtualization solutions, hyper-convergent solutions offer the advantage of better reliability and performance with simultaneous reduction of complexity and hardware requirements.

Validation services

secureguard offers a manufacturer-independent “validation service” for existing or planned Windows Server 2019-based HCI solutions. The HCI solution undergoes the full Microsoft Azure Stack HCI test series in secureguard’s well-equipped laboratory to guarantee full compatibility and/or Microsoft support. The results of the test series are included by secureguard to the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI catalogue at customer’s request.

Consulting services

All the staff in the HCI team already have many years of experience in this environment. They are in demand as speakers at various national and international events, and as consultants and advisors on major projects.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions (e.g. all-flash, custom designs, etc.) are designed by the secureguard development team, together with the client, and validated in accordance with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI guidelines prior to delivery, to guarantee optimum support from Microsoft. The systems, which are designed and assembled in Austria, are subject to a comprehensive test plan that simulates a year of activity in a datacenter incl. malfunction of individual components and servers.

blazics for Azure Stack HCI

blazics for Azure Stack HCI is a range of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI-validated solutions from secureguard.

  • Uses standard hardware
  • Maximum reliability from just 2 nodes (1 server + 1 disc in 2nd server)
  • Quick and easy scaling (scale-in and scale-out)
  • Highly available VMs/services
  • Client-specific solutions

blazics 100

The reliable virtualization and storage solution for small businesses

The small blazics 100 series has been specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and offers an optimum price/performance ratio. It can achieve up to 65,000 IOPS (2-node cluster, VMFleet) using an optimum combination of SSD and HDD and RDMA-capable 10GbE network interfaces (iWarp).

This makes a fully redundant 2-node cluster the ideal basis for a business-critical infrastructure.

blazics 3000

The high-performance virtualization solution for enterprises

The high scalability (2-16 nodes) of the robust and high-performance blazics 3000 series makes it especially popular with medium-sized and larger enterprises. By using hybrid storage (NVMe, SSD and HDDs) and a network infrastructure of up to 100GbE, the blazics 3000 series offers attractively high performance (up to 750,000 IOPS, VMFleet) with simultaneously low costs.


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