Because giving brings us all joy!

For many years, SecureGUARD GmbH has sent our customers small, usually sweet tokens of our appreciation. But this year we’ve decided to forge a new path! Instead of sending out Christmas gifts, we will donate a corresponding amount to the SOS Children’s Village in Rechburg, Upper Austria!

It was not easy for us to decide on a project to support, since there are so many wonderful social initiatives—local as well as international—as well as, unfortunately, many individuals who absolutely deserve to be seen, sponsored, and financially supported.
After comprehensive research into several projects, we finally decided on the SOS Children’s Village!
SOS Children’s Villages have existed for many years, not only in Austria, but worldwide.
The idea goes back to an Austrian, Hermann Gmeiner of Tirol, who founded the first Children’s Village in 1949, after WWII. This beautiful idea has since spread all over the world.
Today, 70 years later ( nach 70 Jahren), SOS Children’s Villages have grown into a worldwide organization, with 550 of these establishments in 135 countries, as well as 1,500 further projects, including kindergartens, school, and social and medical centers.

There are two SOS Children’s Villages in our state of Upper Austria: one in Altmünster am Traunsee/Salzkammergut and one in Rechberg im Mühlviertel. Since almost half of our workforce at SecureGUARD GmbH lives in Mühlviertel, we have chosen this Children’s Village as our beneficiary in order to give locally.

Children are our future, and Christmas is a holiday that focuses on children and families. This was our inspiration for connecting these two themes, “children and Christmas”: Some children are confronted much too early with the hardships of life, and, for different reasons, are unable to share a life with their family. But in an SOS Children’s Village establishment, these children are prepared for life in a loving, protective environment. They receive warmth and security and an education, and, most importantly, a healthy basis for their development.
But despite the engagement and idealism of the caregivers, it is sometimes impossible to avoid challenging social situations as well as financial shortages in the family groups.

Therefore, our company is especially glad to be able to offer a humble donation, and we hope you will understand our decision to support this cause instead of sending out small tokens of appreciation at Advent, as we have in the past.

We wish you, your personnel and your families a joyful, cozy and peaceful Christmas holiday, and success and joy in the New Year! Your SecureGUARD Team


If you would like to know more about the SOS Children’s Villages or make your own donation, please visit their website at:
For a direct contact in Austria:

Frau Mag. Michaela Rimser
Private Förderer & Partner

Hauptplatz 22, 3. Stock
4020 Linz
Mobil +43 (0) 676 88144-235

Karin Otto (Human Resources, SecureGUARD GmbH), Helmut Otto (Managing Director, SecureGUARD GmbH), Reinhold Kapusta (Leiter Kinderdorf Rechberg)