Unified Cloud Block


Unified Cloud Block
Windows Server
2012 R2

Management System






 Available as

Deployment System


High Performance Networking

40GbE Storage/Compute Network

Management und Monitoring

via Microsoft System Center Suite

Interface with customer networks

via Network Virtualization (NVGRE)

Fail-safe Storage

Redundant JBOD connected to high performance storage server cluster

Flexible & Scalable

Optional expansions for fast and easy scale-up on demand

Easy Provisioning

Wizard-based fast and easy deployment

Unified Cloud Block


Infografik UCB The Infrastructure block within the SecureGUARD UCB builds the skeletal structure to connect all different components of the solution. The base of the management infrastructure is built on redundant 1GbE switch which also interconnects the remote management modules of the physical modules.

Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies High performance state-of-the-art 40GbE components from Mellanox Technologies are utilized to connect Storage and Compute block within the UCB. The fail-save redundant switches used provide native 40GbE ports and combine highest performance with lowest latency. Especially with Software-defined Networking (SDN) Mellanox components are able to grant big benefits to deliver optimum performance within SecureGUARD UCB.

Management System

The complete fabric management of the SecureGUARD UCB is delivered via a separated redundant Failover-Cluster. This Cluster is also the base of the SecureGUARD Deployment System. It enables bare-metal deployment capabilities for the physical bocks as well as the complete management infrastructure for SecureGUARD UCB.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Based on a separate management domain (optionally also the use of an existing domain is possible) and a highly-available Microsoft SQL Server Cluster all the needed Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 components will be installed automatically. Also the base configuration for this components will be created via the SecureGUARD Deployment System.

Microsoft System Center

System Center Many different System Center 2012 R2 components will be installed and configured to ensure an easy operation and monitoring of the UCB to administrators, like Virtual Machine Manager, Configuration Manager, Operation Manager or Orchestrator.

Unified Cloud Block


To deliver storage to the Compute units within SecureGUARD UCB the up-to-date Storage Spaces implemented in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 are utilized. These spaces are delivered through SMB3.0 shares via the 40GbE network interfaces to the Compute nodes. The heart of this structure is a highly available Windows Server 2012 R2 Scale-out Fileserver cluster. This failsafe cluster is connected to redundant JBODs via SAS. To ensure an optimum price-performance ration, the so called Storage Tiering is used. Within this capabilities an optimum combination of SSDs and HDDs is used. This enables highest performance and also lower prices compared to pure SSD storage systems.


Compute Node Compute-Nodes based on Windows Server 2012 R2 with installed Hyper-V role are the core to operate the virtual machines of the customers. Connected with the high-performance Storage/Compute Network (40GbE) they deliver the needed CPU and RAM performance to serve a huge amount of virtual machines. SMB3.0 shares are used to tie the Compute Nodes up to the storage system.

Mellanox ConnectX3 The integrated 40GbE Mellanox ConnectX3 interfaces cards support newest technologies like RDMA and SMBDirect. These technologies relieve the CPU’s of the compute nodes and swap the transmission logic into the network interfaces. This leads to enormous performance tuning.

Compute Units are available in two different specifications:


The SecureGUARD Standard Compute unit consists of a 2RU chassis and delivers 80 physical CPU cores in combination with 1TB of RAM. One of this units can serve up to 250 midsized virtual machines (2vCPU, 4GB RAM).

High Performance

The SecureGUARD High Performance Compute unit consists of a 4RU chassis and include one of the most powerful 12 core CPU on the market. This leads to a sum of 96 physical CPU cores in combination with 2TB of RAM. One of this units can serve up to 500 midsized virtual machines (2vCPU, 4GB RAM).


To deliver multi-tenancy SecureGUARD UCB makes use of the following two different components:

Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack facilitate a self-service portal for creation and maintaining the infrastructure. There is a separate web-based configuration interface for the cloud administrators and also for the administrator on customer’s site. Both of these interfaces are directly connected to the needed System Center components in the background.
Windows Azure Pack is available as an installation option for the management cluster or for bigger cloud systems on separate hardware with appropriate performance.

NVGRE Gateway

A failsafe Network Virtualization GRE (NVGRE) Cluster delivers the stick bit between the customers’s on premise infrastructure with the cloud system. This technology is used to separate the customer’s network segments and build the bridge to within the UCB.

Available as

SG Deployment System

Once the hardware is installed in the datacenter all the configuration of the software is done by the administrator friendly SecureGUARD Deployment System. This system saves a lot of time due to the unattended automatic installation of the Management System and the additional components.

Building Block – to combine all of these different components, SecureGUARD offers two differentiated by function extensible systems:
SecureGUARD Hosted Cloud Platform (HCP)
SecureGUARD Private Cloud Rack (PCR)

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