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SecureGUARD UAG Edition

...let the good guys in!

SecureGUARD UAG appliances offer a All-in-One, Ready to Use solution with a comprehensive firewall function on network level, IPSec, SSL-VPN capabilities, robust application optimization and an integrated disaster recovery system for optimum availability.

The optimized and reasonably priced design of the SecureGUARD UAG 2010 appliance reduces the costs of operation and renders using multiple devices from different suppliers for varying modes of access redundant.

  IAG 2007 UAG 2010
Application Intelligence and Publishing OK OK
End Point Security OK OK
SSL Tunneling OK OK
Information Leakage Prevention OK OK
NAP Integration, Terminal Service Integration KO OK
Array Management KO OK
Enhanced Management and Monitoring KO OK
Enhanced Mobile Solutions KO OK
Direct Access and SSTP Integration KO OK

Complete Secure Remote Access Solution

Thanks to the integration of TMG 2010 and UAG 2010, SecureGUARD offers an appliance that provides secure remote access. The SecureGUARD Appliance Management supports the taking into operation of the SecureGUARD UAG 2010 appliances and allows for speedy initial configuration as well as for simple further operation of the appliances. The preinstalled third-party applications can also be activated rapidly and conveniently via the Web interface.

Direct Access

UAG 2010 offers easy configuration and scalability of Direct Access (Always-on-VPN).

Control Access

Secure browser based access to company applications and data from remote locations and terminal equipment without the necessity of installing and providing a client.

Protect Assets

The integrated application protection safeguards the integrity of the network and application infrastructure by blocking potentially harmful data traffic and defending the network against attacks.

Safeguard Information

The consistent policy enforcement helps to comply with legal and company access regulations with regard to information use. This limits the risks run while accessing sensitive company data.

Comprehensive Secure Access

The Unified Access Gateway (UAG) with application optimizer modules provides SSL-VPN, a web application firewall as well as functions for the management of endpoint security, thus allowing access control, authorization and content checking for a large number of line-of-business applications.
Combined, these technologies offer mobile and remote users simple and flexible access from a wide variety of places and devices, such as kiosks, PCs and mobile devices. In addition, the UAG allows administrators to enforce compliance with directives on the use of applications and information with the help of a special remote access policy which depends on the terminal equipment, the user, the application and other company criteria.



02 October 2014
Microsoft MVP Award for Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Otto

08 January 2014

29 August 2013

13 September 2012

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