State-of-the-Art Technologies

based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2019


failsafe starting with 2 nodes

Scalable Architecture

simple and easy expansion

High-performance Networking

up to 100GbE

Software-defined Storage

optimized combinations of NVMe's, SSD's and HDD's

SecureGUARD blazics

certified for Microsoft AzureStack HCI

HCI Solutions


Evolving siloed datacenter infrastructures (strict separation of storage and compute power) to an open, modular and scalable solution to provide a reliable platform for mission critical workloads.
SecureGUARD HCI soltions provide resilient full-redundant and hyperconverged solutions based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or 2019.


Software-defined Storage

With Windows Server 2016 Microsoft introduced with Storage Spaces Direct a new technology to provide reliable and incredibly fast storage into the operating system. There is no need to use highly specialized and expensive storage systems.
Windows Server 2016 and 2019 combines storage and compute power into a common set of server provided on commodity hardware what lowers the costs dramatically.

SecureGUARD HCI solutions are equiped with the ideal combination of NVMe, SSD and HDD based on the customers needs.

High-performance Networking

SecureGUARD HCI features the most powerful networking infrastructures on the market with up to 100GbE. Used to provide a highly sophisticated and scalable hyper-converged environment for virtual machines and storage.
From 10GbE interfaces with RDMA via iWarp up to 100GbE interfaces and switches with RDMA via RoCE the HCI solutions from SecureGUARD make use of different solutions depending on customers needs.


SecurGUARD HCI solution leverage integrated Windows Server 2016/2019 features to provide the highest possible availability. Starting with a full redundant and failsafe 2-Node Cluster up to 8-Node hyperconverged systems.

SecureGUARD blazics for AzureStack HCI

Certified Solutions

for Microsoft AzureStack HCI

Enterprise Level Components

from leading vendors

Different Formfactors

Rackmount or MiniTower


with perfect Firmware- and Driver-Versions

Personal Consulting

design based on customer requests

Designed in Austria

assemled and tested in Austria

blazics 100 blazics 3000
blazics 3000 for Azure Stack HCI
blazics 3000 for Azure Stack HCI



2RU rackmount server

Node Range

2 to 4 Nodes

2 to 16 Nodes


8 Core

16 to 54 Core


64GB to 265GB

256GB to 2TB


8TB to 40TB

20TB to 120TB




Network Speed

10GbE (RDMA via iWarp)

10/25/50/100GbE (RDMA via RoCE)s

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